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QuestionHow may I respond to reviewers' comments and observations?
Solution After receiving our E-mail with information about your paper evaluation, authors are kindly invited to revise the paper according to reviewers' comments.

If there are things to comment about or you have another opinion as an author, you may reply by submitting a ticket with your position.

Please choose "Answers to reviewers" as ticket category and do not forget to mention your Paper ID. You may always attach files to the response.

To better manage your response, please also include the questions/problems formulated by the reviewer, for example:

Question 1: The references are rather old.
Answer 1: The references were improved and all were cited in the paper. We also maintained some of the old references we consider relevant to the paper subject.

Question 2: ... etc.
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Article ID: 82
Category: Paper evaluation
Date added: 2012-11-01 11:38:14
Views: 3186
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