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Solution As we check for originality all papers we receive, some users asked us to disclose the texts we verified in the past. As one may know, the checked papers are not deleted from the Turnitin database, even a user delete it from its account.

Regarding these requests, you have to know the information published on the Turnitin Help Center, explained bellow:

1. A paper submitted for plagiarism checking to Turnitin cannot be deleted by the instructor. Even if deleted from the respective account, the paper remain in the database and used for future originality checks. Based on the information in the Turnitin Help:

"Turnitin can permanently delete a paper from our database so that it can no longer be used as a searchable source. For contractual reasons, all requests for paper deletions from our database must be submitted in writing by the school's Turnitin administrator."

Turnitin Help Center Solution Answer 1

2. Even the paper/document is removed from the database:

"In cases where a paper or assignment has been deleted, you will not be able to view the source documents any longer, but matches can still be made to the (deleted) documents. In this way, it is not recommended to delete assignments with submissions."

Turnitin Help Center Solution - Answer 2

3. Based on the information above, deleting a document from database would not resolve future matching to that document. It's up to the person checking the same document again to eliminate the respective source(s), as it matches only in the Turnitin database (private source) and not a public document (eg. published paper).

The procedure is well documented and explained on Turnitin Help Center:

Turnitin Help Center Solution - Answer 3

Moreover, we will never disclose to third parties the content of a paper we checked for originality.

Hint: If you check a paper and you notice similarities with a paper we checked, simply eliminate us as a source by deleting that source in the Turnitin interface. Instructions you may find on
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