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QuestionWhat are the paper editing elements I should check?
Solution All authors are requested to submit their papers in camera-ready form.

All authors have to follow the template on the web-site. If your paper was marked as "Incorrect Format", you have to check all the formatting elements below.


01. The paper has an even number of pages and the last page is at least 50% covered by text.
02. The two columns on the last page must have equal lengths.
03. There are no blank lines in the text.
04. The sponsor information must be inserted in the unnumbered footnote on the first page.
05. No footnotes are allowed on other pages. Include all information in the paper text.
06. The title should be specific to the paper. It should be comprehensible to readers outside your field. Avoid specialist abbreviations, if possible. Titles should be written as English titles, so capitalize the first letter of each word, proper names, and abbreviations, except prepositions. The title length must be at most 150 characters long, including spaces.

See: Purdue Online Writting Lab

Text Styles

07. The paper title - "Title".

For the paper title, please be sure to write it in English language style. See the site bellow for title case conversion:

Title Case Conversion (use AP-Style Title Case)

08. The authors name section - "Authors + After: 0pt".
09. The authors' affiliation and contact E-mails - "Authors + Italic, After: 0pt".
10. The abstract section - "Abstract".
11. The keywords section - "Index Terms".
12. The body text - "Text".
13. Figure captions - "Figure Caption".
14. Table captions - "TABLE TITLE".
15. The references section - "[1] References".
16. All sections titles - "I. Heading 1". The first letter of each word in the sections titles must be capitalized. See the template for a model.
17. The Acknowledgments and References sections - "REFERENCE HEAD".

If you have difficulties applying the correct styles, please read the following answer:


18. All equations are edited with MS Equations Editor or MathType.

If you have difficulties editing the equations, please read the following answer:

19. Be sure all equations are numbered, and the numbers are aligned at the right. Use Tab for spacing the equation and the number.

Figures and Tables

20. Figures and tables are not over the column width. For large figures and tables it is allowed to put them in one single column. Use "Section Break" for switching between two columns and one column section.
21. Figure captions are "Figure X. ...".
22. Figures must be "In line with text" and centered.
23. Table captions must be written as English titles, the first letter with CAPS and the followings with lowercase letters using the style "TABLE TITLE". See an already published paper for an example.


24. All references are cited in the text, in the order they appear in the references section. See also the references section restrictions:

Updated: 01MAR2024

Please also read other answers regarding the paper format in this section of the HelpDesk.
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