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Dealing with ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION Warning Notification Article rated 3.9/5.0
We are aware about the security warning (NET::ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION) displayed by some browsers, including Chrome, about the cryptographic protocols used by our server. As TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are n...
I saw an error on the web-site. How could I report it? Article rated 3.9/5.0
We constantly update our web-site engine and content. Also, we check regularly its' content, in order to produce an error free output. If you find a mistake on the web-site, you may open a new ticket ...
Your web-pages are loading too slow. What can I do to speed them? Article rated 3.5/5.0
We may assure our visitors the pages of AECE Journal are optimized in order to provide the best user experience ever possible. The total loading time of any page served from "" do...
How may I find a particular paper on your web-site? Article rated 3.9/5.0
We have a Search section where you may find any information you need. You may search for an author name, a paper title, words from a paper title, keywords, or any word that is present in a paper. The ...
May I mirror your web-site? Article rated 3.9/5.0
No, you cannot. You are not allowed to put a copy, in full or in part, of the web-site on Internet. If you intend to copy the entire site content or significant portions of it (more than several do...
Why do your web-site looks not so good? Article rated 3.9/5.0
We make real efforts in order to have a nice web-site and provide a very good user experience. All information is organized logically, you need no more than several seconds to locate any paper on our ...
Do you know why I'm not able to access your web-site? Article rated 3.7/5.0
If you cannot access our web-site it is almost sure you have a connectivity issue. In order to maximize our web-site uptime, we have a so called "DNS Failover" mechanism. If the main server ...

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