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Review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information. Before submitting an article please read carefully all sections in the Author Guidelines.


1. By submitting the article using this form, you confirm that it is your original work and has not been published elsewhere and was not and will not be submitted anywhere else for publication.

2. By submitting the article, you understand that you had transferred the copyright of this article to the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania. The copyright transfer covers all rights to referee, translate, to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproduction, microform, or any other reproductions of similar nature.

3. By submitting the article, you understand we, including the reviewers, have the right to check the originality of its content by using any private, proprietary or public applications/resources, without any limitations and/or restrictions. You agree the file(s) may be permanently stored in databases of such systems, even if the paper is not published. The content of such stored files will never be disclosed to third parties.

4. After submitting this form you may upload your file in .DOC format (saved in native Microsoft Word .doc format). The paper should be edited using the template provided on the website by using any version of Microsoft Word (including the latest Office 365). For the equations and math symbols your are kindly asked to use an equation editor like MathType, which is the recommended method for creating equations, valid for all Office versions, available for both Windows and MacOS, being a well-know cross-platform solution for editing equations and math symbols.

5. You have to upload the signed copyright transfer form in order for the evaluation process to start.

6. We collect personal data (only names, E-mail address and phone number) by using this form solely for the scope of processing the submission you make. By proving the information you agree to provide this information to us. We understand to permanently delete all personal information collected when you withdraw the submission. For archival and legal purposes, all accepted and rejected submissions data are permanently stored, but no personally identifiable information will ever be shared with third parties or made publicly accessible.

7. Do not use anonymizing proxies, servers, systems or applications (including but not limited to IP address hiding) when making the submission. If we further detect such unfair use of our system, the respective submission will be immediately rejected.

General Information
Author(s) Information
Author #1 Name:

Note: Full names required for both First/Given and Last/Family names - no initials are allowed. Multiple names must be separated by space(s). Use only English language characters - replace ş with s, Ţ with T, Ç with C, Ö with O, ó with o, etc.).

NOTE: For better identifying yourself, you are required to enter the SCOPUS Author ID (no other IDs are accepted). If you do not know it, you may use the free search form available at The same applies to all paper authors, all of them must enter their valid SCOPUS Author IDs. This field cannot be left blank.

Enter the 2-letter ISO country code above or select country name from drop-down menu.

Note: Use the E-mail provided by your institution (,, or any other professional addresses are good also). Free E-mail addresses, including but not limited to @yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail, are not accepted. Remember your submission is not anonymous!
If you use another person's E-mail address, the submission will be immediately rejected without further notice (the same is valid for co-authors E-mails). Notice we do not accept official E-mail addresses, like hodece*.*, eeehod*.*, dean*.*, rector*.*, vicecancelor*.* or others similar - including combinations of these terms, and trying to use them on this interface will result in your IP address to be included in the blacklist, without human intervention.

Important: All E-mail addresses associated with a submission containing false information will be permanently banned.
Author #2 Name:    
Author #3 Name:    
Author #4 Name:    
Author #5 Name:    
If you have more than 5 authors, enter the additional information here:
Contact Author
The contact author is the person responsible for correspondence with the Editor. We ask for additional information for the contact author, so that we can ensure timely communication. We will only contact authors other than the contact author if we are unable to reach the contact author (e.g., because of a bad email address).

You may use any E-mail address you want as Alternate E-mail contact (but please be aware that some free E-mail providers, including but not limited to Yahoo, are sending our E-mails in the Spam folder).

Enter an alternate email address
As an option you may add a telephone number
Topic Area
To help match submissions to reviewers, select one area most applicable to your submission (an incorrect selection will delay the evaluation process):


Exactly 5 keywords must be provided, the same you used in the paper file, separated by commas - do not insert any space or any other character between the keywords, at the beginning or after the keyword (for multiple word keywords, write them as usual, with a single space between the individual words). You should use only the keywords from this list (use CTRL+F to search the list) to the maximum extent possible. See some examples. The editor reserves the right to modify keywords for consistency within the list when necessary.

A maximum of 200 words (but no less than 100) is accepted for the abstract. The text introduced here must be the same with the abstract in the .DOC file. Use of special characters, equations and links to references is not allowed.
Enter a password you will remember. The submission id, which you will receive via email upon submission of this form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission.
Reviewers suggestions
In this field you are kindly invited to suggest 2-3 persons that are willing to act as peer reviewers for the current submission. The Editor will not necessarily invite your suggested reviewers, but these suggestions can help speed up the peer review process.

- Suggest people in your field whose view of your paper you would respect;
- You do not need to know your suggestions personally and reviewers will not know you suggested them;
- Make sure that your suggestions are not current or recent colleagues of you or your co-authors;
- Suggest researchers who know the subject well and are willing to invest the time ('big names' will often decline the invitations).

Please send your suggestions in the form of Surname,Name,E-mailAddress,SCOPUSID one suggestion per line. The information can be transmitted only at the moment of paper submission. No later edits are possible. The field can be left blank.
Check over your entries, making sure everything is filled out. When ready, click on the Make Submission button below.

Please confirm you are not a robot before you hit the "Make Submission" button. Do not refresh the page (or press F5), otherwise the form content will be lost and you'll have to enter all the information again!

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