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Stefan cel Mare
University of Suceava
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science
13, Universitatii Street
Suceava - 720229

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Design Options for Current Limit and Power Limit Circuit Protections for LDOs, PLESA, C.-S., DIMITRIU, B., NEAG, M.
Issue 1/2019


Day-Ahead Scheduling, Simulation, and Real-Time Control of an Islanded Microgrid, IGNAT-BALACI, A., SZILAGYI, E., PETREUS, D.
Issue 4/2021


On Board Neuro Fuzzy Inverse Optimal Control for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment: In-Silico Testing, RIOS, Y., GARCIA-RODRIGUEZ, J., SANCHEZ, E., ALANIS, A., RUIZ-VELAZQUEZ, E., PARDO-GARCIA, A.
Issue 3/2022


A Fuzzy AHP Approach for Security Risk Assessment in SCADA Networks, MARKOVIC-PETROVIC, J. D., STOJANOVIC, M. D., BOSTJANCIC RAKAS, S. V.
Issue 3/2019


A Wind Energy Prediction Scheme Combining Cauchy Variation and Reverse Learning Strategy, WU, X., SHEN, X., ZHANG, J., ZHANG, Y.
Issue 4/2021


Shannon Energy Application for Detection of ECG R-peak using Bandpass Filter and Stockwell Transform Methods, SUBOH, M. Z., JAAFAR, R., NAYAN, N. A., HARUN, N. H.
Issue 3/2020



Clarivate Analytics published the InCites Journal Citations Report for 2021. The InCites JCR Impact Factor of Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering is 0.825 (0.722 without Journal self-cites), and the InCites JCR 5-Year Impact Factor is 0.752.

SCOPUS published the CiteScore for 2021, computed by using an improved methodology, counting the citations received in 2018-2021 and dividing the sum by the number of papers published in the same time frame. The CiteScore of Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2021 is 2.5, the same as for 2020 but better than all our previous results.

Clarivate Analytics published the InCites Journal Citations Report for 2020. The InCites JCR Impact Factor of Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering is 1.221 (1.053 without Journal self-cites), and the InCites JCR 5-Year Impact Factor is 0.961.

SCOPUS published the CiteScore for 2020, computed by using an improved methodology, counting the citations received in 2017-2020 and dividing the sum by the number of papers published in the same time frame. The CiteScore of Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2020 is 2.5, better than all our previous results.

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Year: 2022, Volume: 22, Number: 1
... deal of research is currently into smart urban areas. Wireless technologies have especially being conducted in IoT security [ ... to IoT textiles movement. However, wearable IoT increased wirelessly devices' low energy and memory space, countermeasures ... against de- new eavesdropping and attack techniques on wireless sensor synchronization and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. data ...
Terms matched: 10  -  Score: 1729  -  1,672k
Year: 2011, Volume: 11, Number: 4
... all items, thus cutting down setup is a fully wireless one. It contains a standard reader, losses ... , "Container integrity and condition monitoring using RF vibration sensor tags," in IEEE Wireless International Conference on ... Science and Engineering, Ethernet CASE'07, pp. 585- 590, 2007. DOI: 10.1109/COASE.2007.4341790 ...
Terms matched: 10  -  Score: 679  -  1,343k
Year: 2008, Volume: 8, Issue: 2
... Volume 8, Number 2, 2008 Virtual Lab for Wireless Sensor Networks Dorel PICOVICI1, Anghel Vasile CONTIU2, ... representing the software link between the VLM than deploying traditional non-wireless sensors, then the and VLC. The concept ... been proven using the moteiv sensor network is not cost-justified. It is important to produced Tmote Sky modules. ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 1574  -  1,125k
Year: 2022, Volume: 22, Number: 4
... devices (wired or estimation based on three-axis accelerometers and wireless), the patient tends to be more conscious ... part rather than spending more information using inertial and Kinect sensor modules. The time on the assessment. upper ... for Estimation of Upper Limb Orientation Using Inertial and Kinect Sensors Aneesha ACHARYA1, Somashekara BHAT2, Mallya KANTHI2 1 ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 1338  -  1,399k
Year: 2012, Volume: 12, Number: 1
... a maximum range of 2 interesting for our purpose (wireless passive sensing). meters can be achieved between ... 2012 Study of the communication distance of a MEMS Pressure Sensor Integrated in a RFID Passive Tag Iñaki FERNÁNDEZ1, ... - of integrating a Temperature, magnetic field or light sensors may be MEMS sensor in a passive tag maintaining ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 1199  -  851k
Year: 2018, Volume: 18, Number: 4
... real-time feedback on their current health state. Along the wireless transmission, limited energy resources of wearable devices can ... 18, Number 4, 2018 Computational Balancing between Wearable Sensor and Smartphone towards Energy- Efficient Remote Healthcare Monitoring ... wearable storage and analysis of the physiological signals. The sensors and smartphones open up opportunities for executing integration of ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 930  -  1,609k
Year: 2007, Volume: 7, Issue: 1
... ] Valentin POPA,Vasile G‚ITAN, Transponders in a Wireless Sensors Network, Advances in Electrical and Computer The ... article focuses only on major aspects Engineering, Suceava, Romania, ISSN 1582-7445, No 1/2003, ... present article proposes below: a standardization solution in field networks, which will enable 1. When a user ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 832  -  732k
Year: 2010, Volume: 10, Issue: 4
... swarm robotic and frequency which are two major approaches in wireless platform developed earlier. In swarm applications, all ... using reflected IR power by utilizing the as well as sensor system. analog to digital converter (ADC) ... of the microcontroller. Fig. 4 illustrates emitted signal and III. INFRARED-BASED COMMUNICATION reflected signal. The intensity ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 555  -  1,009k
Year: 2022, Volume: 22, Number: 3
... 63-72, 2016. information entropy and Markov," Wireless Communications and doi:10.1145/2994459.2994466 Mobile Computing ... privacy and data protection. We aim to increase specific sensor €“ like GPS location, camera, or to ... Normal maximum 22 (2) CHANGE_NETWORK_STAT Dangerous minimum 1 BODY_SENSORS (2) E (1.1) CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAS Dangerous ...
Terms matched: 9  -  Score: 310  -  1,081k
Year: 2016, Volume: 16, Number: 1
... , 2016 HIGH: A Hexagon-based Intelligent Grouping Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Chung-Shuo FAN Department of Computer Science, ... Chiao Tung University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, ROC Abstract €” In a random deployment or uniform ... the optimal node density in each on the type of sensors application. In general, there are two round ...
Terms matched: 8  -  Score: 1506  -  1,201k
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